Ensemble was founded in 1976. In his first artistic director was Mr. Nestor Nestorov and now run by his son - Nikolay Nestorov. Ensemble is one of the leaders in Sofia. He has won many awards. Has traveled throughout Europe and continues to travel outside the country over and over. There are many performances at weddings, on holidays, and also hosts the famous Sofia International Folklore Festival (SMFF). The festival has been organized for 11 years. Sofia is the 6th largest ensemble at the library "Vitosha".

Dance Ensemble "Sofia-6" is the winner of the 5, 6 and 7 national festivals. He has participated in international festivals in Europe, Asia and Africa, has won many awards, including:

  • 2006 - awards for music, costume and overall presentation of the festival in the town Alatri - Italy;
  • 2007 - Award for costume and performance artistry in the town of Agrigento on the island. Sicily - Italy;
  • 2008 - Audience Award in the city of Hakodate - Japan;
  • in 2008 - won the competition for the "Big Dance Award of Sofia" and reward the audience award for new work and music award for the same competition
  • 2009 - first place World Champion in 2009 and 2010, the 13th International Folklore Festival "-2009 Palma" in Palma de Mallorca / Ensemble "Sofia-6" won this award in the contest between the ensemble of 60 world /.
    This title has not been won by Bulgarian ensemble.
  • same year for the second time "Sofia-6" won the competition for the "Big Dance Award of Sofia" in 2009 and again won first place in the "Youth works".
  • July 2010 - and the first prize "Golden Karagoz" in the 24th edition of the International Folklore Festival-Competition "Golden Karagoz" in Bursa - Turkey.
  • October 2010g.-In extreme competition with groups from 23 countries around the world during the largest international folk dance competition in East Asia, held in the city of Cheonan - Republic of Korea from 05 to 10 October 2010, Ensemble "Sofia 6" has been gaining "Grand Prix".
    This is the third consecutive success Ensemble "Sofia 6" the largest international scenes. Through their Bulgarian folk dance is back on top.